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The Basic Rules in Packing

Moving boxes play a big role in packing for a move. They are available in many different sizes to accommodate all your moving requirements. They are also sturdy, especially if sealed with packing tapes. This is to ensure that all your stuff is safe and snug during and after the journey.
On the other hand, bags are often used for items
  like bed sheets, clothes and soft furnishing. Children's stuffed toys can also be packed inside a bag conveniently. Linens are secured inside a bag as well. All the items that may be too heavy to put inside plastic bags can be put in bags with ease.
Rule #1: Maximize Space
The general rule of thumb to adhere when packing is to put heavier stuff at the bottom and lighter object at the top. This is especially important in the case of electronic gadgets and breakables.  In order to maximize the space available, place the big items at the bottom, smaller ones at the top. The remaining gaps can be filled with other items to avoid shifting.
Rule #2: Stay Organized
Once you are done packing, you should label all the boxes so you can easily identify them once you start to unpack. It would be a great idea to keep an inventory to keep track of the items you have packed.
Rule #3: Begin Early
Don't put off the packing until the last minute. The most ideal time to start is at least six to eight weeks prior the moving date. The earlier you pack the less hassles will there be as the moving day approaches.