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About Norway

Norway Removals has gone from humble beginnings as a niche, continental removals specialist to a company which now carries out removals across all of Europe and the UK in just a decade. From our London base, when we formed we specialised in helping people move home or relocate their business from London across to Norway. However, as our service developed, it became apparent that we had in place a business model that could not only help our current customers, but would also benefit anyone looking to move anywhere in Europe, whether it is just down the road or across countless borders to start a new life.

The company was formed with one simple idea; a desire to reduce stress. We knew that we had chosen a challenging sphere in which to operate, as even the smallest move is likely to cause anxiety, but moving to a brand new country only serves to exacerbate the issue. We wanted to tackle stress on two fronts: price and service.

With money tight, the last thing that our customers needed was a quote that had little or no resemblance to the final price they pay. We developed a unique removals assessment, to ensure that we could quote you for exactly what you need. Why should you pay for things aren’t used or even worse, be expected to fork out because the quoting system meant that you were short of vehicles or man power on moving day? You don’t need to worry about that with us. We accurately calculate everything you need as part of our no obligation, free quote, and our prices are completely transparent, so you know that the price you first see is the price that you will pay.

We also wanted to tackle service. Our vans are the most modern on the road: regularly serviced, cleaned after every job and most importantly, fitted with the toughest security systems. Our staff are hired as much on their mental attributes as their ability to handle the physical nature of the work, because respect is something that enforces everything we do. It is our respect for you, your family, your business and your possessions that ensures we don’t make mistakes. We want everything to get to your new home or office in the exact condition it was when it first came into our hands and that mantra of respect informs the sort of attention to detail that can only serve to ensure that this happens.