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Removals UK - 7 Things To Remember

In amongst the hustle and bustle of planning a removal, you will sometimes find that there are fairly obvious things that slip your mind. There will be such minutiae to deal with, that will be brought to your attention at every turn, that sometimes it is easy to forget things that you are not bombarded with! Have a look over the following examples of small but significant things that may well be worth thinking about in advance. 1.    Packing orderConsider the order that you are going to pack in well before you start. If you get going with it in an aimless fashion, then the likelihood is going to be that your order is not particularly good. This essentially means that you risk packing things when they still need to be used, which can muddle the whole process, when the boxes are then repacked to accommodate use of these items!2.    LabelingWhen you are packing your boxes, be sure to label them, so that the removals team know what they are dealing with. Whilst a fragile sticker may say what you need it to, they are very common and can sometimes be ignored a little. Knowing directly what is inside the Box can mean that it is treated correctly, which will better ensure safety. Labels will also help you to find what you need when you are unpacking.3.    House planDraw up a plan of the new place for the movers, and draw in where all of the furniture goes. If you ensure that the removal services know where things go, then they will be deposited in the right place, and you’ll save time moving things later on. Label the doors of each of the rooms when you arrive as well, so that the removals service know where to drop each box off. 4.    Redirect postMake sure that your postal redirection is in place for as soon as you move. To avoid forgetting it, it is worth sorting it out well in advance, to ensure that all is done before you start getting stress and forgetful about smaller things, as the move looms. 5.    Overtime chargesBe sure to check up on how much the removals firm charge for over time. Any delay form your end, and even form the previous owner’s end, if you are doing a same day move, can  be charged at a different rate by the removals team. If it is high and you have a few movers working on the job, then it can get extremely expense very quickly. Checking up on it prior to the removal will at least mean you can avoid or prevent against them. 6.    Late exchange guaranteeBooking in your removals company needs to be done in advance as many get booked up, and you need their help as soon as possible. However, you don’t want to put down any deposit in case you don’t exchange when planned. Late exchange guarantees confirms the removals company for a number of days after your planned exchange, so that they are not booked out by anyone else. 7.    First night prepEnsuring that you have a box for the first night with essentials in, and you have all of the boxes that you will need for the first evening labelled as such, will ensure that your first night in the new place is as comfortable as possible. You may arrive late and finish unloading even later, which means that you need to be ready to settle down, ready to get to work with unpacking the next day.