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Types of Moving Boxes for Moving Purposes

Moving boxes are very important during a move. These boxes are available at your van line agent or from the moving supply company for reasonable rates. However, to ensure you pack your belongings well, you have to choose and use the right box for packing your belongings.
1.  Book boxes are small boxes used for carrying heavy items like CDs, records, canned goods and books.
2.  Legal boxes can be used for carrying your files and folders.
3.  Bulky but light items like pillows, toys and lamp shades are best packed in large boxes.
4.  Boxes called dish packs come with double thick walls and usually have dividers to separate glass containers. These boxes are meant for dishes, glasses, vases and other fragile items.
5.  The mirror or picture boxes are narrow boxes meant for packing mirrors of various sizes, paintings and other delicate items.
6.  You should use the wardrobe box that comes with a metal bar to hang your clothes.
7.  There are mattress boxes available in various sizes to provide protection to mattresses of various sizes during a move.
It is up to you to choose the right moving boxes, and the number of boxes you require for your move based on your belongings. Though it is cheaper to buy second hand boxes, it is better to buy brand new boxes for storing heavy things as they are much stronger than used boxes.