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Renting an Apartment -- Why It's an Awesome Choice

Compared to owning your home, renting an apartment is easier. Why shell out huge sums of cash on mortgages when you can enjoy these benefits: 1.
Mobility - When you rent, you have the liberty to move whenever you want to, perfect for people whose job require them to move often. 2.
No Mortgage Payment - One rent check covers for everything; no separate bills and repair charges. 3.
Roommate Options - If you want to split up the cost of the rent, you can opt to share an apartment with a roommate. 4.
No repair fees - Most of the time, landlords take charge of the repairs. No need to call a handyman for your repair needs. 5.
 No landscape maintenance fees - If you need something to get fixed in your lawn, a dedicated property and maintenance staff can attend to you. Tips to a Problem-free Apartment Living As you apply for an apartment, expect to pay a small amount of money as a 'background check fee' to the landlord. Do not sign any rental agreement without thorough inspection of the unit. If there are any damages in the apartment, be sure to take some pictures as a proof. Review the contract carefully and confirm your payment options to the landlord. Be sure to make your rental payment on time - mark your dates on the calendar if possible. If you are planning a party, be sure to inform your neighbors beforehand. This way, they won't be offended with the noise that you might make.