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3 Ways to Effectively Create a Good Checklist

Moving in to a new place is potentially problematic and admittedly filled with challenges and issues.  However, there is effective instrument that one can make use in order to neutralize these challenges in moving out - a checklist. 
In order to fully utilize the use of a checklist, one should ensure that the checklist was properly and carefully thought of.  Below are 3 of the best ways on how you can create an effective checklist:
   Do not rush the creation of a checklist. Remember, a checklist needs time to perfect. What you need to do is take some real time to sit down, plan, and think about how you can create a checklist. You will need to ensure that revisions of the checklist are attained before making any finality.
Consult with some people who have had the same experience.  By consulting this with them, you will be assured that progressive inputs are contributing positively on the entire checklist being created.  You can also seek some advice on professionals who have been doing the same job for years.
  Cross reference the checklist from time to time.  This means ensuring that all else that is written on the checklist is matching with what you have inventoried and checked.
When you are able to follow these steps religiously, you will surely have a perfectly planned checklist for your moving out.