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Moving Out: 3 Things that are A-Must to Have

Moving out to a new place requires time to deal with.  As soon as you unloaded all the boxes to the new place, you do not immediately have them unpacked.  You will need time to eat and rest before you start unpacking things.  For this reason, you end up miserably starving or dying to boredom when spending the first night at the new home.  Below are the 3 must-haves when moving out:
Place on a single backpack all the essentials for yourself.  These essentials are toiletries, extra shirt, sleeping clothes, and a food.  These are the essentials that you may unknowingly think about.  You need food because it is logical that when you get into the new house, the kitchen is not yet set-up and you don't have cooking utensils to use. You need extra shirts, too, on your backpack. Portable TV or radio.  At a certain point, you will find yourself looking for means to ease out boredom or merely to relax.  Your cabled TV would not instantly be connected as you are just new to the place. The portable TV or radio can help you ease out the boredom that you feel.Beddings. You do not want to end up sleeping on the bed that is properly set. And likely, you don't want to have your first night of sleep on the new house that is as uncomfortable. 
These three things are substantial to have a very relaxing and comfortable first night experience on your new home.