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How to Move Large Furniture Through a Narrow Door

Many things can be fun when it comes time for moving but surely carrying the furniture around is not one of them. This can be very unpleasant moment with all the dissembling and trying to take it out and pack without any damages. Even the professionals sometimes find it hard, especially when they have to take too large items through narrow spaces. That is one hard task for everybody to accomplish.

  Though it seems very hard it is not impossible to be done. It is a little tricky and you should have some really important advices before you take the thing in your hands and start with the carrying.

  Usually you will not have the problem with having too large furniture and too small door when you take the stuff from your old place. But when you come to the new house or apartment you will probably face these kinds of worries, because there is no way for you to know how wide will be the doors there. And you have bought the old furniture for the old place. In this case you have two options – through everything away and buy new stuff that will go through the new doors or read the article to the end and decide to manage with the situation.

  In case you choose the second option, here are some starting points for you. Though it is obvious that somehow the furniture is too large for the door, stay calm, take it down and get its precise measures. See how high it is from the flour to the highest point of its back. For this measuring to be accurate you have to remove the legs first. In case you should do it anyway, because like it is advices for any other stuff that is going to be moved, anything that can be dismantled have to be done before it is carried.

  When you have finished with the measuring of the sofa or any other item that you want to move, concentrate on the door, the stairwell or the elevator, depending on when you are going to take the furniture to. After you are absolutely sure that this particular furniture will not go through the space you want it to, try to come up with ideas to find some more narrow positions of the item. The first thing to try in this case is to turn the things upside down. Sometimes sofas become few inches narrower in their base and you can use this fact in your favor. Surely this is the easiest way to solve the problem but unfortunately things are not always that easy.

  In case the first suggestion does not work try to use its length to slide it through. What you have to be sure about is that the height of the doors is enough to carry the furniture through.

  Removing the door may add few inches to the space you need to bring the item through, but still this may not be enough.  Here comes the most difficult part. If you have tried all of the above and it does not work, you have to turn the sofa at the same time you carry it though the door. As you do that make sure that the sofa seat is facing at first faces the top and then the side of the doors. You can use the soft part of the seat in different ways to make it go through the door because it is the only part of the coach that can slightly change its shape when pushed.

  If you feel you have no other chance call a professional on furniture to dismantle it on pieces and then find another one to assemble it on the new place.