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How to Distinguish Good Moving Companies from the Bad Ones

It is not difficult to find a good mover to help you pack, load and transport your belongings into your new home. There are tons of moving companies that offer affordable and quality services. But remember, there are bad movers too. These are the people you need to avoid. So, how do you pinpoint which companies are legitimate and trustworthy? Here are some tips for you:
Super Cheap Rates
If the estimate is too low, be suspicious. Scammers usually give very low rates to trap customers. While moving estimates differ from company to company, the variance should not be big.
Yes, yes, yes!
Scammers don't say no - they do this to get your confidence and trust. Some bad movers on the other hand agree on everything you say because they have no intention on getting the job done. So, test your potential movers before making a final decision.
Bad Reviews
Check the internet for forums and reviews. Bad reviews may be present in every company, but if your prospective mover carries a lot of it, move to the next one on your list.
One-on One Dialogue
An excellent moving company takes the time to sit down and talk about the terms and condition with you. They should be able to answer all of your concerns and questions before drafting an agreement.
First Impressions Last
Genuine moving companies show friendliness, commitment and professionalism from the very start. These characteristics are very easy to observe, so be sure to pick the best one.