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Five Kitchens Packing Suggestions and Tips

Moving away is least desirable one could think of. Just the idea of getting all your stuff in boxes and having to order everything in a different box, and spending hours going through your stuff causes a great stress. However, what is even less enjoyable is having to pack your kitchen. For many of us packing the kitchen is the biggest problem and the most difficult task. Perhaps it is the fact, that there are so many fragile appliances in the kitchen, or that they are just so much stuff to put in the boxes. Just thinking about the kitchen makes many of us give up the whole packing.

However, there are some tips, which could help you pack your kitchen easier; faster and less stressful. Packing the kitchen implies paying special attention to some breakable items. You have to think about all the dishes and glasses, but you also have to worry about packing the large appliances - oven or refrigerator for example. 

Before you move, select those items that you will take with you and put those you are not taking away. This way, you will know how many boxes you need, and you will not pack something, which is unnecessary. If you have a lot of items, which you are not taking don't throw them, but give them to someone who needs. A good idea will be also to organize a garage sale or give them to charity.

There is something you should do before you start packing your kitchen, which is to wash all the dishes. Don't pack unwashed dishes, even though you will have to wash them again when you've moved to your new home. You should also wash your appliances - the coffeepot, the blender and so on.

The first suggestion is to start by packing items, which you don't use so often, like cupboards, drawer's cookbooks and other small appliances. When you have packed not big items, it would be easier to pack the bigger ones.

When moving fragile items, like dishes you should be careful not  to break anything. To ensure this will not happen you need to buy dish barrel boxes or cell kits. You can buy those from any shop, and they are not expensive. The other possibility is to use the original boxes of your dishes, if you still have them. No matter which idea you will use, make sure to put your fragile in a secure box.

Next you should take care of your kitchen furniture. When moving your kitchen table or chairs you should cover them with blankets to serve as a protection during the move. Although, kitchen tables and chairs are not that fragile, you can still protect them by wrapping them in bubble wraps for more security.

If you want to keep your cooking tools clean and not to have to wash them once you arrive at your new place, pack them in plastic bags before putting them in boxes. Try to find bags that won't tear when you put your kitchen supplies.
When you finish with the packing, make sure to label all your boxes.This will make unpacking and moving much easier.
Apparently, there are many ways you can make kitchen packing less stressful and easier only by using a couple of tips.