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Avoid Unlicensed Moving Companies

It is important to hire a licensed moving company in moving your home. Remember that removal companies are the ones who will handle all your treasured and most expensive items. Therefore, you need to make sure your movers are professionally trained in this field. Unlicensed movers cannot provide protection for any loss or damages that may occur. So, be picky when it comes to hiring movers.
Just like any other business, one good way to find a dependable moving company is through recommendations.  Ask friends, relatives and colleagues that have used moving services in the past. Assess the moving company based on their testimonials and decide. Or, consult your real estate agent for more moving companies. They usually know many reputable companies around the city.
If you should pack your items on your own, be aware that moving companies will more than likely not accept any liability for these items. Therefore, be careful in packing. Make sure your belongings are strapped and packed tightly to avoid shifting during the move. You should let the movers know which boxes contain fragile items. Always bring important items like jewelry, money and other important documents with you.
The process of payment may vary in every moving company. If you have no specific agreements with moving company, expect to pay at delivery. Generally, moving companies expect to be paid before unloading the boxes.