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A Few Simple Tricks to Make Your New Neighbor Like You

Moving to a new home does not only mean to change the household. You are changing your surrounding world, as well. For most of the people it is very important who their neighbors are and how close are they to them. Well, I'm one of those people and now I will try to give you some precious advices for how to make your new neighbors your new friends.

If you are a social person, it will leave a good impression if you leave a symbolic present for your ex-neighbors. This will always remind them of you. It is best if the present is something that you both used back in the old days - maybe the baseball bat, or the party grill in the back yard. That way, I'm sure, they will remain your friends even after you move.

And now, after you move in your new home, it is a good idea to get known with your next-door buddies. Usually this is not so hard, because if there is even a slight note of curiosity in them, at the moment your van, full of luggage comes to the place, they show up and give you a warm welcome!

Try to learn something more about their everyday life and habits and think a little of how can you be useful to them. Be kind, be open and talkative, be cool. It is normal for them to be suspicious to every new person around, so the first face of yours they see on the inside and outside may turn out decisive for your future relationship with them.  So - it is good to make them like you from the beginning.

It is usually normal for the kids to accept the move harder than the other members of the family. So - start looking for other kids in the neighborhood and try to gather them together so they can become friends, to make them get through easier. Having friends around really can make them feel more comfortable with the new place and get used to it way faster.

Another good step for you to make a good impression around is making gifts. A sweet and tasty cake, or an invitation for a welcome party is always a good joker. Speaking about welcome party, I would advice you to do organize one. Ask around what are the beloved meals in the area, or use the internet. Then, ask your wife to prepare them and you are ready to welcome all the guests. And for the gentlemen, be sure to cool some beer in the fridge at least a few hours before the party starts. Then - you are ready for liftoff.

For me, counting on the neighbors is really an important thing. So - after the welcome party, just wait for the moment when any of your neighbors need help and offer your services. Helping your neighbor to repair the awning, the porch or just for cutting the lawn will really win the next-door man to your side.

You may try to organize some local events - a football or baseball game for example. In some regions, this is a good practice already been implanted. Usually, each family is being collected in a team, and this is both competitive and intriguing. The collision between the families always ends with a good party in the evening. This makes your reality more friendly and easy to live in. Well, I really my experience in how to make your neighbor your friend will help you too for real. Good luck!