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5 Feng Shui Tips When Moving House

If you find that your present house is not feng shui compatible, you could shift to a new house and start all over again with the help of these 5 feng shui moving tips.
1. It is essential you choose your new house based on feng shui principles. This means you have to choose a house with a front door facing south and which does not have a large water body or large building too close by. It should also not have a road or any large pointed objects pointing to it. Though it is possible to rectify major faults; it's better to avoid them altogether.
2. Check for indoor faults too. Examples are that there shouldn't be a toilet above the kitchen, a bathroom adjacent to a kitchen or a bathroom door opposite the kitchen door.
3. It is better to use your necessity and creativity in using your rooms. At times, changing the purpose of some rooms can improve its feng shui power. Like using a bedroom as an office if it's in the knowledge area or using a sunroom as a bedroom as it's in the relationship area.
4. Ensure that the layout of the dwelling does not omit major sections of the bagua by drawing a rough floor plan and superimposing the bagua on it. If there are any missing parts, ensure there is a remedy for it.
5. Whilst moving, get rid of as much clutter as possible by selling or donating them. This gives more space for positive chi to flow through in your new house.

Implement these feng shui tips in your move, and you are sure to find a huge difference in your dwelling.