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What You Should Expect to Happen on the Big Day of Moving Out?

So, everything has been planned and all things are going to what has been planned.  The final day to move out has finally come.  What you should expect to happen shall happen and at times, you will be surprised that there are things that are happening that seemingly you have missed to think about.  Below are some of these:
On the day of the actual moving out, you will not miss to see some other members of the family who become very sentimental.  Give them the chance to take a final look at their own bedrooms and the places that they used to enjoy with. Always make sure that you check on every room in the house.  It is expected that rooms are all wiped out.  You may have missed out something in the room unexpectedly. Always make sure that you have a spare box with you during the actual moving out day.  You may have missed packing some other things in the house area.  This will allow you to instantly pack these things when you have a spare box.
There are a lot of unexpected things that will happen during the moving out day.  All you need to do is to prepare yourself in any of these.