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What Type Of Domestic Removal Are You Doing

1.    Completion day removals.When it comes to moving having bought a house, you will find that you are most usually doing a completion day move. These are the most common removals in the UK, and they can be a nightmare! This is simply due to the way in which the buying process works. An outdated system of a chain of payments, to ensure that both buyer and seller are happy with the money being in place before any keys are handed over means that the process can take longer than it should sometimes, despite how fast electronic transfers have become recently. You would do well to prepare well for your removal, ensuring that you are ready with everything packed, so that you are not held up in getting out of your place. However, a hold up in getting the keys for your new place will sometimes mean that you have to wait about at the new property for a while before you can get in to unload. A domestic removals company will often charge you for each staff member that you have hanging around, as a sort of overtime, given that the day will be going on for longer, despite their best efforts. Some companies offer a waiver against such charges, so that you can avoid the chance of last minute fees in exchange for a down payment early on. The same goes for exchange day changes, where the date of the move needs to be changed just beforehand, because of a problem or an unavoidable circumstance with one of the parties. Some companies do not offer protection against these sorts of things however, so you need to be aware of how you are going to protect yourself against such issues well beforehand. 2.    Rental moves.These are a lot more relaxed, simply because the money that you are dealing with is a lot less, and it does not need to happen on the same day. If you are moving out of a rented place, then you can simply move out when you find a new place, as they tend to overlap. There will still need to be a decent amount of preparation when you are leading up to the move however, as you will find that this is what helps you make the move a quick and easy process, rather than a tedious series of accidents and mistakes! Working out where you want your kids or pets to be on the day is pretty essential as well, as worrying about either being underfoot when you have removals staff running about the place with heavy furniture is not going to be particularly relaxing! The larger the overlap between properties, the more likely it is that you will be able to move on a day that works for the removals company that you’d prefer, so see if you can make it work that way.3.    Storage moves.Many people find that they have issues surrounding moving out of a place that they have sold easily, whilst not having found the place that they want to move in to. In this instance it is becoming increasingly popular to let the removals company pack everything up and put it in to their own storage facility, whilst the customer rents somewhere more cheaply as they look for a new home. This is great in that it allows you to be a lot more free with your choices, and takes the pressure off completely, assuming that you have the funds to do so!