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Unpacking After You've Moved in: Step-by-Step Guide

Unpacking is the last part of a long and daunting process: moving homes. After you’ve found your new home and put a deposit down on it, found someone else to take your soon-to-be old residence, packed and cleaned everything up, the time has come to settle into your new home. And first stage of settling in is, of course, unpacking. Unpacking is generally considered not as stressful as packing, as packing involves intense organisation of your belongings. Unpacking, on the other hand, just involves taking your belongings out of the boxes and placing them where you want them.But, nonetheless, unpacking can still be a time consuming task and boring task if you go about the wrong way. Here are a few basic tips to ensure that your unpacking goes as efficiently and enjoyably as possible:1)    Pack your old house room-by-roomThis isn’t so much an unpacking tip, more of a packing tip that will help you greatly when it comes to unpacking. If you pack up room-by-room, and label each box with what room it belongs to, this will make your unpacking go much more swiftly. When it comes to unloading, you can just put all the boxes in their allocated rooms and then unpack them from there. Organisation like this is the key to a good unpacking process.2)    Unpack your kitchen first and bedrooms firstAll people desperately need is food, water, and place to sleep. If you decide to unpack your living room first, then you may not get around to unpacking your kitchen and bedrooms on the first night. This means you’ll have nowhere to sleep, and nothing to eat. You’ll be forced to order take-away, leaving you further in pocket than you already are from buying a new house and hiring a removal firm. As long as you have your basic kitchen supplies unpacked and mattresses laid out on the first day, you’ll be more than comfortable. The next few days will be for unpacking your living room, garden materials, and any other rooms that aren’t vitally important.3)    Don’t set up your television until you are doneUnpacking can be a long process, and that process will only be extended if you have a big bright distracting box to look at. Almost all of us would rather be watching television than going through boxes, organising and unpacking our mundane items. But this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea: leave the TV packed up until the majority of boxes have been unpacked, as it will only distract you in your greater quest to get settled in.4)    Move your heavy furniture in firstFurniture, by all accounts, is the hardest thing to transport from one property to another. It’s heavy, bulky, and generally hard to lift and navigate through narrow corridors and doorframes. Although it says above to unpack your kitchen and bedrooms first, you should also get your biggest and heaviest items through the door before anything else. If you don’t then you’ll just have to get them in when the house is all cluttered up with your packed boxes. If you are using a removal service, they should be kind enough to carry your furniture in for you. But they will be somewhat resentful if they have to carry it and navigate around countless cardboard boxes. Don’t make their job any more difficult than it is.5)    Go at your own paceUnpacking has no time-scale, unlike packing which has to be done before move-out day. Don’t feel the need to rush your unpacking; go at your own pace. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.