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Tips to Secure and Safe Moving of Books

Moving to a new home can be a wonderful experience, but it requires plenty of organizing and packing techniques to ensure a smooth move. In this article, we will share useful tips on how you to properly pack your book collection so as to keep it from tearing, folding and creasing.
    Edit your collection
Books are quite heavy and it can be expensive to move all of them. Get rid of books you don't really need. Consider giving them away to friends or donating them to a local charity instead.
    Collect sturdy containers
Books easily deteriorate when exposed to water and moisture. Be sure to keep them in containers that are strong and dry to provide ample protection. Before loading the boxes, make sure the bottom seams are sealed carefully with packing tape.
    Wrap delicate books with newspaper
If you have valuable books, wrap them individually to keep them from being beaten or torn. Newsprint and packing paper can be used for packing hardcover books while bubble wrap is recommended for paperback books.
Packing the Boxes
Hardcover Books - Place them in an upright position, making sure that the space faces the outer side of the box. Don't overload the box, but be sure to fully utilize its bottom space to make it dense. Use bubble wrap or newspaper to fill gaps.
Paperback Books - You can either stack them up or lay them flat. Paperbacks are not as sensitive as hardcover books, but be sure to load them in similar direction. Don't seal the box unless it is dense. Rags or blankets are good cushioning alternatives to bubble wrap.