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Tips for Moving With Birds

Birds are very delicate creatures and can become very stressed both physically as well as psychologically. In fact, they may find it difficult to deal with minor changes such as introducing new foods and changing locations.   If you are moving with birds, you should be able to plan things carefully. Otherwise, they may end up stressed up during the travel.   How to move with birds   Here are some things to bear in mind when you are moving with birds:   1. Take the bird to a veterinarian a few weeks before moving and get it checked. Find out, if any additional vaccinations are required for the safety of the bird at the new place. If you are moving to a different state or country, do not forget to take a health certificate.   2. Get your pet insurance transferred to the new location.   3. Pack all pet needs in one box and label it appropriately.   4. Keep the bird away from all the packing chaos. They become stressed very easily with noise.   5. See that the birds are supplied with sufficient food and water whilst moving. Aside from giving them water, it is recommended to include fruits that are rich in water content in their dietary plan. This will be helpful for the bird to remain hydrated and comfortable for a very long time. Make sure that the bird is least affected with climatic changes.   6. If you are planning to use a new crate whilst moving, let the bird familiarise with it a few days before the move.   7. Include favourite toys of your bird in the crate to reduce the moving stress.   8. If you are on a long road trip and planning to rest in a hotel, make sure that the hotel authorities accept pets.   If you are not confident of moving the birds safely, consider taking the help of professional bird or pet movers to make the moving successful.