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Things You Should Let Your Movers Know

When calling around different movers for estimates, make sure you tell them every detail of certain items. Clarify the size, material and weight of the object. This way, you'll be less likely to get surprise charges when the bill arrives.
TV s- Let your movers know how many inches your TV is. A 21" TV will definitely have a lower charge than a 55" TV. Generally, the size tells a lot about the weight of TV. So unless you have a lightweight flat screen television, the size of the TV can be worth mentioning.
Beds - Aside from the size, tell movers whether your beds have head or foot boards that need to be detached from the box spring and mattress. Most movers charge for assembly and disassembly of furniture pieces. Same thing goes with dressers with mirrors.
File Cabinets - These items can be extremely heavy and may require more than two people to move a standard filing cabinet, especially if it's fireproof.
Sofas - Some sofas weigh more than standard ones. So if for instance you own a recliner or a hideaway sofa which are usually heavier than other sofas, there will be an extra charge to move them.
Marble and Glass - If some furniture items have marble or glass on them, it is also important to let the movers know about them.  Such delicate pieces need extra protection and the movers will ensure the items stay undamaged during and after the transport.
Stairs - Never forget to tell your movers if there are stairs in your flat, even if it is just a couple of steps on the entryway.