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Taking the Stress out of Your Furniture Removals

Moving your furniture to its new home can result into being a happy experience to a nightmare ordeal. So how can we ensure that our furniture removal will be an easy process without us falling at the first hurdle and getting stressed? Well the good news is that removals of any kind if done properly will go smoothly without mishap and anxiety. Just follow a few obvious but important tips and your furniture will arrive at its intended destination, in one piece, undamaged and well within the time that you had initially planned.Making a List is one of the first steps you should take before even thinking of how you will make the move. The list should be in fine detail to include every single item of furniture that you will be moving. No matter how large or small, it’s still your property and you don’t want it being overlooked and lost or damaged. The packing boxes should be labeled with something that you can cross reference to your list, for example box “K1” could contain the first carton of your kitchen furniture whilst box “K2” being the second container for the kitchen and so on. Your list should then have the corresponding letters/numbers so that you know exactly what each box contains. You will benefit more than you think by using this packing method, for example when your furniture arrives, you can simply take each carton directly to the room that it is planned for. You will save a lot of precious time if you use this method, thus allowing ample time to unpack and get all your furniture in place.If you intend to take on the packing yourself you will need to purchase packing materials. The best and most economical way to do this is to purchase the whole lots in one go from a company who sell proper packing materials for the purpose of furniture removals. It can often be a wise choice to employ a professional furniture removal company who can take the job in to their capable hands. These companies will generally have years of experience in moving furniture and other household items. The choice you have to make is whether to do the job yourself or take on the experts. A lot has to be considered before making the decision. Furniture can be anything from a light weight ornament to a solid oak bureau weighing a ton or more. Remember that someone has to lift these items and if you choose a DIY removal then the responsibility of all the lifting falls on you. A professional furniture mover will know exactly how to lift large, heavy and awkwardly shaped furniture correctly and safely. Bodily injuries can be caused by lifting heavy items incorrectly, often resulting in a hospital stay and an absence from work for several days or weeks. If you still want to do the move yourself then make sure to lighten the load where possible, empty drawers, wardrobes and cupboards to reduce weight, take all bedding off the beds and separate or dismantle furniture if at all possible. Keep boxes just large enough to pack the furniture and if there is redundant space don’t be tempted to add to it if the container is already very heavy. Whilst packing each box, test the weight continually so that you don’t overfill it. Try to use rollers or sliders for the heaviest items of furniture. The 2 wheeled sack barrows are very useful for some heavy items. Take your time with everything and if you decide that the job is beyond you, then hire a professional furniture removal firm to get the task completed without you having to do anything.