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Preventing Stress Through Packing Well In 6 Simple Steps

1.    Plan your packing. It may sound like a silly thing, but you do need to plan your packing. Rather than just starting when you feel like you have to, and hoping that you have time to get it done, work out how long you think the packing of each room will take you, and plan with that in mind. It will take you longer than you may expect, so it is pretty important that you factor in some extra time to cushion the overlap. Planning the packing means doing things in small bursts, in the right order, so that you end up with a house that is thoroughly packed up, without anything being out of reach if it is needed by anyone in the house!2.    Order the way in which you pack the place up, so that things that are rarely used are packed earlier, and things that you need all the time are packed last. You will find that the attic, garage and ornamental stuff can be put away first, and that things like clothes and kitchenware are the last to go. If you are sensible, then you can reduce the amount of packing and moving that you have to do on your domestic removal by getting rid of things earlier on. Do a car boot sale, or sell some stuff on ebay. It will reduce the amount of work that you have to do with the removal firm in the long run.3.    Packing needs to be done in smaller bursts, so that you are not at risk of getting tired or bored and not doing a good job. You should only pack for about two hours at a tie, and if you have planned well, then you can probably get to a point where you only have to do two hours a day. You will find that the best way of ensuring that your things are safe in their boxes is to wrap delicate items in packing paper or bubble wrap, so that they don’t smash into each other and break. You will no doubt want to ensure that you are not at risk of this happening anyway, so be sure that as you pack, things are locked in together with each other.4.    Label the boxes, so that you know what is in them. This will help you when you are unpacking, and it will also mean that the boxes are treated in a way that they should be by the moving services. You will find that having ‘FRAGILE’ on a box means very little now, as it is so well used. However, having ‘delicate china’ written on it, will be a lot more effective. Label the boxes with the rooms that they are destined for as well, to ensure that you are not moving things around the house after your house removals.5.    Leave boxes that are filled with things that are used open, so that they can be used and replaced. Tape these boxes up just before you leave, and ensure that nothing is left untaped, as otherwise things can get pretty hectic as boxes start falling apart all over the place. 6.    Ensure that you keep an eye on the movers as they carry your boxes, and have a word with anyone who is not being careful enough with your possessions. You will find that a certain amount of haste needs to be taken in order for the job to get done, but mistreatment of your belongings in inexcusable.