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Moving house without the stress

It sounds like an impossible miracle but there are plenty of ways to move house without all thestress and worry which moving usually entails. Leave plenty of timeMake sure you’re packing and moving in plenty of time. There are only a few circumstances where a rushed move is unavoidable, often we simply avoid the reality of how much time moving house actually takes. If you are being pressured into moving too quickly, say so, and state you need more time if it’s impossible to do so in the time allocated. Once you know you are moving, start the ball rolling. There is going to be so much to do and there really is not time like the present. You can never be over organised so you should start the motions early rather than late. Communicate with service providersOnce you have service provides sorted and arranged, maintain good communications throughout the process. Instead of fretting that removal men won’t turn up on time, take the time out to confirm bookings and to double check arrangements. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.Make an inventoryBefore packing, make an inventory of all the items in the house as well as paying close attention to valuables and large items so you know where you are up to with the move. On the inventory you can include the dates you would like items to be packed and moved into storage, for example, the freezer will need to be defrosted before being packed safely, so making a note of when to start this process will keep you well on track.Create a calendarA moving calendar is a great idea to keep the stress at bay and to maintain a smooth and well organised move. Note important dates, such as appointments with solicitors, and highlight milestones such as one month, one week and one day before moving, as well as what you intend to have achieved before each. Check your calendar regularly to keep up to date; being able to visually see that you are well on your way to moving house with plenty of time to spare will help keep those stress levels low. Have accessories at handWhilst packing, ensure everything you will need is close at hand. Have decent scissors, boxes and wrapping close by, and when you stop for a break, put accessories in a safe spot so you don’t misplace them. If the whole family is helping out, give everyone a share of packing equipment, having to run between rooms to look for scissors will only result in the whole house getting stressed out and irritated.Pack logically It might sound obvious but it is often easier said than done and your inventory and calendar will be of great benefit to this point. Packing logically not only means you will have a systematic approach to packing your belongings; it will also be a lot easier to unpack after moving out. Pack each room together and place valuable items together so they are easily found. For personal items such as passports, birth certificates and any medical records, pack them in bags and keep them on your person to ensure they don’t get damaged or misplaced during transit.The right frame of mindThis sounds easy but it actually helps massively when moving house. It is such a stressful time, so it is easy to overlook, but it is also a very exciting time of anyone’s life. You are embarking on a new start in a new home, so face it with a positive attitude and you’re bound to be less stressed. Moving house with enthusiasm will make it an enjoyable experience for all.