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How to Properly Equip Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Convenience would make your life in your new apartment easier and happier. But if it's your first time to live alone, it's highly possible that you lack numerous kitchen and household tools and materials. For instance, you may be about to heat your pasta when you realize that you don't even have a microwave oven. Or, you have your favourite niece or nephew in the apartment but you don't have a proper ice cream scoop to use for serving them their favourite ice cream. Assess what you already have and think of what you will need. List them out so you will not forget anything. In kitchen you would need a couple of pans for frying and sautéing. A tea kettle, a casserole and a roasting pan would also come handy. To be able to handle the cooking quite properly you would need additional tools such as cutting boards, potato peelers, mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups, a meat thermometer, a metal flipper, a spatula, a can opener, a colander, salad tongs and big spoons. Of course, you would also need utensils there. You would need spoons, forks and knives. It would be practical to have microwavable plates and bowls there too. You would also need various sizes and types of glasses. Cups would be necessary too. And to keep your kitchen and the entire house clean, you need to shop for detergents and cleaners as well. Sponges and garbage bags are also important. Wraps and re-sealable bags would also be most practical for storing food. With these tools and materials, you would surely have a more convenient stay in your own apartment. You can even entertain some guests from time to time.